A 1999 movie – Ghost Dog: Way of the Samurai, and how it relates to Hyouge Mono and triphop


The thing about samurai is that when they were warriors, they weren’t very specialized as samurai, and by the time that they had developed bushido into a uniquely polished specialization, they were aesthetes, poets, and bureaucrats, not bloody warfighters and life-takers.

One anime that expresses the surprising nature of samurai history is Hyouge Mono. I really liked the concept behind that show, but I couldn’t get into it. Watching it was a chore for me, so I dropped it.

I saw (and listened to) a music post over at:


and it hammered home the fact that I have no awareness of rap, or hip-hop, or trip-hop, or house, or any of that music.

The most recent time I listened to old rap was when I briefly tried to play GTA: San Andreas, but I have little gaming skill, so that attempt did not last long. At any rate, I encountered that game years after it came out, and even when it came out, its music was several years out of date.

I did have some contact with European trip-hop and rap. I used to have some Portishead albums on CD.

Some of my European friends were very into Talib Kweli.

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