The Sacred Blacksmith is actually about Cecily, not the title character


gets it right.

The Sacred Blacksmith started out looking like an ultra-manly show about a seriously testosterone-poisoned badass blacksmith. After two episodes, the title character suffered from severe badass decay and legions of female characters took over the show. It was not bad writing per se, but it definitely was worse than it could have been due to its girl-power Buffy-the-Vampire-Slayer theme.

I know this opinion is totally contrary to certain other folks’ opinions regarding these characters. E.g.:聖剣の刀鍛冶/

wrote (about the manga, not the anime):

The mangaka does talk about wanting female readers and doing the cover for volume 2 with Luke Ainsworth ルーク・エインズワース for the female readers; however, there is nothing about the drawing to pull in female readers – so he’s not very in touch with what female readers want in their drawings, especially with the addition of lolicon in other areas. Another let-down for the female audience is the portrayal of the main female character, who is a knight and should be strong and they make her out to be weak and very unrealistic. Since I don’t know if this is the way she is in the novels or just the manga, I can’t comment on whether the mangaka has misjudged his female audience again.

I don’t know about the manga, but female characters completely dominated the anime. Luke the blacksmith was a supporting character in the anime; the ensemble cast of female characters dominated the screen.

I shout out in thanks to Chemical Bryan, because I copied his LukexCecily graphic.

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