Sometimes I watch just a few episodes of a show and decide to drop it because I believe that I understand its message

I am amazed that Space Brothers is still running. It’s been running since April 2012 and there seems to be no end in sight.


This show turned me off after a few episodes. I have to work within the system. I’m not a superhero; I have an extremely humble social status.

The message of capitalism is as follows: The system is tough but fair. Everybody gets lots of chances to get rich. Each day is full of opportunities, and you have to grab for them all. Compete in the system. If you fail to become rich, you have only your own laziness to blame. Quitters are the greatest sinners against capitalism.

I tried to work within the system for years. I don’t feel that the system rewarded me for my efforts. I’m considerably more cynical than the hero of this show.

The hero of this show is not a quitter. The hero tries very, very hard to get passing grades in a very, very tough evaluation program. I believe that the Japanese government must have pulled strings to get this show onto the air, because it seems blatantly pro-authority to me.

When this show demonstrates the hero slowly, painfully, achieving success within the system, I see it as propaganda, telling me that I am lazy because I don’t work as hard as the hero and get accepted by authority figures.

I try to avoid most authority figures. I don’t feel they are legitimate, so I don’t want to try to pass their tests.

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