Magical Warfare : I couldn’t even sit still through a single episode, even though I love stories about magic

The opening episode of an anime is frequently the strongest episode.

The best art, the most sympathetic characters, and the most gripping story hooks are frequently concentrated in the first episode.

With Magical Warfare, I could tell that it was trying hard, but frankly, I couldn’t bring myself to give a darn.



I love stories about magic. Miracles from saints, spells from wizards, spooky curses from ghosts, it’s all grist for my fiction-consuming mill.

The nicest thing I can say about Magical Warfare is that I managed to watch fifteen minutes of it, and during that time it had two good screens dealing with magic, which are illustrated above.

One of my favorite themes about magic is that humans try to ignore and disbelieve in things that they don’t want to think about. I really hope that Magical Warfare manages to develop that theme later on, but even if it does, I won’t know, because I just can’t put up with it.

I don’t know why the characters fail to charm me. Perhaps they are too generic. The fight scenes have little dramatic tension, little sense of serious danger, and too much dialogue.

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