Engaged to the Unidentified – strangely enough, I am charmed


Why am I enjoying a show with so many stereotypes? Is it just very good at polishing well-worn tropes to a lustrous finish? Will it manage to hold my attention for an entire season?

Actually, I think Engaged to the Unidentified has a surprisingly strong and sympathetic male lead. He’s quiet, but his quiet suggests stoicism, confidence, and a pure heart rather than bland indifference.

In general, I hate shows with too many female characters, too many stereotypes, and loli jokes. The main female character is already in heavy tsukkomi mode, so it seems clear that this is a lightweight teenage love story between her and the one male, and the numerous wacky female characters are just there to pad out the plot and possibly add some fan service.

Normally I hate shows like this. We shall have to see whether I grow to loathe this, or whether it stays watchable.

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