Wishing for the satisfaction you can’t have – fast vehicles, maids, and gynoids

Daydreaming can condense into a down-to-earth plan to get what you want. If you have a desire that is within the realm of realistic possibility, your daydreams can become a plan for getting the specific thing that you want.

Daydreaming can also comfort you with thoughts of the thing you love, even when you’re separated from the object of your love in reality.
Daydreaming can also evaporate upward into compensation-fantasy. Masamune Shirow, for example, seems to lust after vehicles for which he would have little use, such as

  • ultra-fast racing motorcycles,
  • hexapod armored tanks, and
  • super-powered gynoid commando-bodies (which are, after all, just vehicles for cyber-brains).
  • fetish2vlcsnap-2014-01-02-20h45m23s170

    We all have some sensitivity to some kind of beauty; fast vehicles have a kind of beauty, and Shirow appreciates the beauty of vehicles. Some of Shirow’s characters, however, seem to go beyond appreciating the vehicle. At some point, a human who makes a big deal about how much she loves her motorcycle is using the motorcycle as a substitute for human relationships. And at some point, a sci-fi writer who can’t get over the desirability of gynoid cat-girls has transferred his motorcycle fetish into an android fetish.

    And if the android catgirls are particularly stripperific, the fetish fuel can often sneak past the radar.

    Fetishes should not surprise us.

    In fact, for most of human history, only 40% of men have successfully reproduced.

    Citing recent DNA research, Dr. Baumeister explained that today’s human population is descended from twice as many women as men. Maybe 80 percent of women reproduced, whereas only 40 percent of men did.

    “It would be shocking if these vastly different reproductive odds for men and women failed to produce some personality differences,” he said…


    So, guys, if it seems like women are always rejecting your overtures of friendship, intimacy, and romance – it’s not their fault. It’s just evolution. Women are hardwired to reject about 60% of males, even if it means that 20% of women will fail to reproduce as a result.

    So it’s not too surprising if humans, especially men, have a tendency to displace the affection normally reserved for sexual mates onto other objects. Likewise, it’s not too surprising if male fantasies tend to reach out to satisfactions that male audiences can’t get – at least not at present.

    This brings us to those mainstays of anime fantasy-

  • maids,
  • nekomimi girls,
  • childhood friends, and
  • gynoids.

  • Let’s start with maids. Outside of French farces with soubrettes, a “maid” is the woman who scrubs floors, takes out garbage, cleans toilets.

    The idea that a maid might be an easy target for sexual overtures seems to be rooted in both economics and biology.

  • Economics: If a young woman has to do menial chores, she probably is not in a strong bargaining position in the local marriage market. In some European languages, the word for “cleaning woman” – i.e. “slut” – became synonymous with “a promiscuous woman with low standards.”
  • Biology: Because women have a biological tendency toward hypergamy, it’s not unknown for a maid to enter some kind of sexual relationship with her male employer.
  • In reality, such relationships might be far from glamorous, because most cleaning women – even sexually active cleaning women – are too ugly to be featured on television.

    But a sexual relationship with a good-looking cleaning woman becomes a serviceable fantasy – both for sexually frustrated males and for women who like the Cinderella rags-to-royalty-by-way-of-hypergamous-mating myth.

    The impertinent soubrette of France is a sexually threatening woman. She might make sexual advances that her employer isn’t quite ready to accept; she might get her employer to fall in love with her and then have sex with some other man, thus breaking her employer’s self-confidence.

    But the saucy French farce soubrette became the submissive Japanese meido.

    Japanese courtesy is very different from French courtesy. Japanese social rank is very different from French social rank. A Japanese meido who has sex with her employer is much less of a scary sexual betrayer and much more of a servile or even nurturing figure. Thus a fictional Japanese meido would be a much more servile sex object than a fictional French maid. But if one considers an anime meido instead of a live-action meido, the character can be entirely separated from realistic imperfections. As just one example, compare the skin tone of the live-action “sluts gone wild” shown on amateur porn sites to the ultra-clean, too-good-to-be-true female characters of anime. With the real women, note the bruises, razor burns, pimples, cellulite, and wrinkles. Anime women might engage in promiscuous or wanton sex, but their complexions will always be inhumanly perfect – it’s easier to draw an unrealistically perfect complexion than a realistically ugly complexion.

    Realistic garbage collection – this woman is collecting garbage because she can’t get a better job or a husband:

    Fantasy maid as obedient sex slave – this woman will collect garbage, clean, cook, etc. while demonstrating very refined manners, until finally the male master of the house has sex with her:

    Science-fantasy robot maid as doubly-obedient sex slave, because she lacks free will AND she’s a maid:


    Robotic female voices have been eroticized since some time around World War II.
    Early human factors research in aircraft and other domains indicated that female voices were more authoritative to male pilots and crew members and were more likely to get their attention. Much of this research was based on pilot experiences, particularly in combat situations, where the pilots were being guided by female air traffic controllers. They reported being able to most easily pick out the female voice from amid the flurry of radio chatter.

    Politically correct critics are terrified by the prospect of any female fictional character that is both sexy and unfeminist. Consider the following hyperventilation:

    addresses the fantasy of a perfect attendant. Robo voices are endlessly solicitious, completely subservient, and ready to adapt to their keepers. Though the robo-voice has the trappings of the future, it can deliver tones of old-fashioned gender politics.

    Bruce Feiler proclaimed his love for his servile GPS woman:

    Unlike my wife, my GPS voice is completely subservient. She gives me something I want and doesn’t ask anything in return. All I have to do is plug her in every now and then and she’s happy. Our relationship is all about me.

    This film critic is horrified that a sexy female fantasy can exist that does not promote feminist propaganda.

    … I can’t think of a single fictional robot who strikes me as sexy. Daryl Hannah as “Pris” comes close, but she’s a biological replicant, not a robot. Major Kusanagi is a human brain in a robot body, and anyway she is really not my type. The Steel Lady from Space Adventure Cobra is definitely a robot, but she doesn’t strike me as sexy. The femme fatale from Metropolis was a robot, but likewise, she didn’t impress me as sexy. The robot maid from Mahoromatic was likewise devoid of sex appeal, so far as I could tell.

    It’s kind of a pity that I’m not obsessed with fictional fem-bots, because I would like to write about them, but in fact they strike me as infinitely boring. And thus I will move on to the fantasy of woman-as-animal.

    When a woman feels normal loneliness and lust but still voluntarily rejects a man of average attractiveness, she is exerting her willpower and demonstrating long-term planning. A lonely, lustful animal wouldn’t put itself into emotional turmoil by rejecting a potential mate of average attractiveness.
    Nekomimi girls are obviously in touch with some kind of animal instincts. If they are catgirls, they are playful (but usually much more cuddly than real-life cats). If they are doggirls, they are loyal (which must be very comforting for boys who have gotten dumped by girlfriends).

    One exception to the rule is the Sage Wolf Holo, who is possibly the least cuddly nekomimi girl in the history of anime. And even Holo warms up a little bit eventually.

    Childhood friends, and live-in servants are the perfect fantasy mates for anime viewers who hate the alienation of modern dating. For many people, it’s easy enough to meet strangers who are willing to exchange bodily fluids. It’s much harder to meet a stranger, exchange bodily fluids, and make that short-term interaction into a long-term relationship.
    [Hime is a childhood friend of Akina.]
    [After Akina and Hime get a few years older, they have some romantic tension.]

    [Boku to Inu SS has a long-term bodyguard.]

    A long-term live-in servant, as seen in Boku to Inu SS, emphasizes that the lovers can trust each other because they have been cooperating and living together for years. A childhood friend is a throwback to the old-fashioned pre-modern practice of marrying someone that your family has known for many years.

    [Chocolat is a Beautiful Freeloader who demands lots of food and feels no shame.]

    Beautiful freeloaders, house-guests, and non-blood-related step-siblings are a short-term fantasy to compensate for people who have difficulty even going on dates. For some people, it’s hard to get any dates at all. They would prefer to have a total stranger show up in their house and offer romantic prospects without the social competition of dating or nightlife mingling.

    In the recent anime Engaged to the Unidentified, the beautiful house-guest is a suave, strong, silent samurai who has been affianced to the ultra-feminine hostess. This is a perfect fantasy for a girl who is a natural homebody, who tends to quietly stay at home and discourage suitors; she can’t discourage this boy, because not only is he sworn to marry her, he’s living under the same roof.

    A lot of haters like to deride fantasy as being useless. But in fact, fantasies that were unrealistic 40 years ago are commonplace today. The good news is that Japan is making the science-fiction of robots into reality:

    The bad news is that Japan is going to need every robot it can build, because their population is shrinking rapidly:


    The fantasy of cybernetically-controlled artificial muscles is likewise coming true:


    In their private fantasy lives, women have already rejected feminism; they are dreaming of the luxury of passive sex roles – although some of those dreams resemble anime, and others resemble Fifty Shades of Grey.

    If the pendulum swings back and modern women publically reject feminism, then another fantasy will come true; the feminine women of anime will become the new role models for real-life women, and the shrill ranting of feminism will be relegated to the ash-heap of history.

    In the mean-time, we still have a lot of feminists running around and shouting.

    And of course, feminism allows women to serve the existing structures of social power.

    Unlike the Vulture of Critique, I don’t believe that anime can destroy feminism. I think that people have already been getting tired of feminism for decades. I think we hit Peak Feminism a while back, but we haven’t realized it yet. The increasing popularity of anime reflects the increasing popular anger at feminism. There is a small elite of white women who benefit from feminism, but the majority of the world is not white, and most women have already realized that feminism is a bad deal for women. But I’ll let Vulture have the last word:

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