Wizard Barristers Episode 3: No, BOOM!


Stress-activated super-power awakening is a celebrated stereotype of 20th-century fiction. The excellent textbook Even a Monkey Can Draw Manga names this trope “No, Boom,” because a potential super-heroine is put under stress, to which she screams, “NO!” and then her telekinetic super-powers awaken and destroy the bad guys with a huge “BOOM!”

Rarely is this trope executed with great skill.

Most renditions are clearly stereotyped.


I suppose zooming in the the character is also a stereotype.


The character in question was under emotional stress even before she was in lethal danger, which is par for the course.


Maybe she’s not screaming “No!” about the danger, maybe she’s just upset that her character design is unoriginal.


If you watch a lot of hentai, you may have seen her character design before, used by entirely different characters:



Disclaimer: I haven’t seen either Kite or Mezzo Forte.

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