Wicked City has beautiful art, but there’s no way a muscular mesomorph like that guy can weigh less than 70 kg

Wicked City is like a soft-core porn OVA interspersed with a well-drawn adventure story.

Years of Internet-delivered “explicit content” have jaded me. Soft-core porn looks ridiculously old-fashioned to me now. But I don’t doubt that Wicked City was very shocking and stimulating when it first came out.


The nudity isn’t limited to various female demons. The hero gets a lot of opportunities to flex his muscles with his shirt off. This show offers equal-opportunity voyeurism.


However, we’re supposed to believe that this guy – who is strong enough to fire .454 Casull rounds, and has the build of a gymnast – can be 180 cm and only 65 kg.

No. Not with those muscles. Gymnasts weigh more than dancers, because they’ve got more brawn. The hero has serious pectorals, arms, and legs. He’s got to weigh more like 75 kg – of which at least 45 kg must be muscle mass.

Anime needs more brawny heroes. I’m getting pretty tired of watching moe-blobs, ero-moe sexpots, and skinny teenage boys.


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