Poorfag-chan and positive thinking


Positive thinking often suggests that you need to feel rich by expressing gratitude for what you have before you can be rich in outward, material terms.

as extensions of pure, positive Non-Physical Energy, the more in vibrational harmony you are
with You, the better you feel. For example, when you are appreciating something, you are a vibrational
match to who you really are. When you love someone, or yourself, you are a vibrational match to who you
really are. But if you are finding fault with yourself or another, you are, in that moment, offering a
vibration that does not match who you really are, and the negative emotion you feel is your indicator that
you have introduced a vibration of resistance and that you are no longer in the state of allowing your pure
Connection between the physical you and the Non-Physical part of You.
We often refer to that Non-Physical part of You as your Inner Being, or your Source. It is not important
what you call that Source of Energy, or Life Force, but it is important that you are consciously aware of
when you are allowing a full connection to it and when you are restricting it in some way—and your
emotions are your constant indicators of your degree of allowing or resisting that connection.
-Ask and It is Given , Abraham Hicks


Poorfag-chan is always represented as smiling demurely, so it’s not a stretch to imagine her as grateful for what she has.

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