A Valentine’s Day thought – reach out and touch someone



One thing I really like about the male lead in Engaged to the Unidentified is that unlike many anime heroes, he is not too shy about just reaching out and touching the girl he loves.

I would wish you a happy Valentine’s Day, but it seems that a coalition of “heathens” is opposing it.



I have no romantic plans, for various reasons. I may be in a position to find some romance one month later, on “White Day,” but for the moment, there are no prospects on my horizon.

2 thoughts on “A Valentine’s Day thought – reach out and touch someone

    • Mason, I looked at your twitter account. I’m surprised you’re interested in this blog because I see no connection between your twitter interests and my blog.

      This may sound odd, but I have to ask: What do you find interesting about my blog?

      Because your twitter doesn’t seem to be about anime. And this is the first time anyone has asked to be “authorized to promote”. If you seriously *want* to promote my blog, please go ahead.

      If you seriously are a real human being who wants to talk about stuff like anime or anything else, that’s fine.

      I don’t know the technical details, but I think some twitter accounts are just automated scripts. But I just found some comments on your twitter that look real, as if a real live person wrote them, not an advertising robot.

      But if you’re an automated script creating links blindly, you probably can’t read this reply.

      Update: Okay, you replied to the Valentine’s Day thing. It makes sense that a lot of folks would be interested in that, even folks who don’t watch anime.


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