1985 was a very naive time, and torture could still be played for laughs back then


1985 was a time when conspiracy theories were very rarely heard, media was still highly centralized, and Clint Eastwood’s militarism was seen as respectable rather than a sign of burgeoning personality disorder.

Dominion Tank Police is like a silly “A-Team” episode crossed with a Clint Eastwood good-guy-tortures-bad-guy scene.

People get shot point-blank and take no permanent damage. Thousands of bullets get sprayed at civilians who suffer no injuries whatsoever. Buildings crumple as if made of cardboard and papier-mache. Hardened, cynical, adult police officers are hypnotized by a very subdued striptease (which is supported by unexplained music out of nowhere). Some people say this show is surreal; I just think it’s goofy because it cranked the realism knob down to the lowest possible setting.



And of course, torture is played for laughs. At roughly the same time that this story was shown for the first time, the School of the Americas and the CIA were promoting and practicing torture.

I guess I could write a story about how ugly and evil torture is, and how it corrupts the people who practice it. But I doubt that anyone would bother to read such a preachy story. Even I am not crazy about preachy anime, especially when I’m not already convinced of its message. But some writers are so good that they can make me enjoy sermons – Kumeta-sensei comes to mind.


I can barely bother to educate myself on the torture that led up to Abu Ghraib. There were various operations every year, and the people who teach about each one seem to think that the atrocity in which they’re expert is the most important atrocity.

For example – which one is more important? This:


or this:



If you try to read about either one, you’ll lose many hours of your life, and I find the process exhausting.

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