Niko is just a clown, not an unscrupulous journalist



Lauren is a journalist who watches anime, and she’s upset about Niko.

A high school newspaper club member with no scruples whatsoever. She sneaks around for stories and considers one character’s concern over her ample butt to be a scoop. Niko is a hapless antagonist, whom the other characters try to keep our of their personal business.

Niko is a clown, and this show is a farcical romantic comedy.

She’s an ultra-pretty, ultra-flakey comic relief character. She’s not an indictment of journalism as a profession.

Niko is not meant to be unscrupulous. She’s meant to be endearingly clueless. Just about every character demonstrates a severe lack of common sense in one way or another. The love interests are a bimbo and a himbo, the little girl is amusingly ignorant and easily impressed with UMAs, the older sister is a gender-flipped version of a dirty old man … these characters are pretty goofy.

Except for the vice president with short hair.


She’s the only one who isn’t totally out to lunch. And she just keeps her head down and avoids the weirdness.

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