Preternaturally Attractive Breasts – suspension of disbelief or divinely-granted superpower?

Lots of people are in favor of attractive breasts.

Women are proud of them – or envious of them. Men (generally) want to touch them.

But the fact is that real-world breasts have real-world flaws.

I realize that speaking frankly about this will disgust some people.

Very few anime shows present realistically flawed breasts. One notable exception is Hozuki no Reitetsu.


I admire that show because it manages to keep viewers interested without ero-moe fan service. It provides a few cute animals and a few elegant pretty ladies who don’t show a lot of skin.


But I am not trying to move you to despair.

I’m just being somewhat smug.


Kobeni’s attractiveness is pretty much out-of-control.


Even when it’s displayed briefly in the opening sequence, it comes close to dominating the show.


Kobeni is too perfect to be real.


Kobeni’s body is close to supernatural.


By the end of the show, I wouldn’t be surprised to find that she’s going to have centuries of youthful appearance due to some magical deus ex machina.

If the story introduces a kind of semi-immortal eternal youth for Kobeni, I don’t think it will be meant as fan service for the men. I think it will be a fantasy for the female viewers. Just as a lot of women sympathized with the girl in Twilight who gained eternal youth right after having her first and only baby, I think a lot of female fantasy consumers want stories about eternally youthful and eternally beautiful women.


The fact is that Kobeni’s breasts require about as much suspension of disbelief as the divine powers shown in superhero anime.


In this respect, Kobeni reminds me a lot of the similarly buxom (but also super-lucky) heroine of Binbougami ga.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Kobeni’s cooking abilities turn out to be a semi-divine superpower.

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