Noragami Episode 12: Sudden DRAMA!

After a whole season of the show being set in an urban-fantasy version of the modern world, the scene suddenly shifts, the cinematography tries to do EPIC zooms, and we get shot composition like this:

Somehow, this climactic finale seemed to fall flat for me.

The show managed to achieve some decent dramatic moments, interspersed with silly teenaged comedy.

But somehow I just can’t see the samurai sword duel at the end as convincing.

For me, the better ending to the series is the OAD:


The best part is that it features the pink-haired bimbo-gami (i.e. binbougami) acting out the femme fatale archetype with the teachers.


At its best, myth is a lesson about reality, and at its best, Noragami has some mythical truth to it.