Blade and Fan Service – can we take this show seriously?

Okay, I take flak as a guy who has recommended Fairy Tail – and that show turned into pointless fan service early on.



Now with Blade and Soul, I’m once bitten, twice shy.

It appears to have some highly unrealistic sword fighting in the wire-fu tradition, some unexplained glowy magic, and lots of women wearing skin-tight clothing.

It does not grab me. Girls in revealing clothing are thick on the ground, and unrealistic sword fighting has all the anti-realism of fantasy magic with none of the pseudo-occult thrills.

I think the writers know that this is a show all about the “male gaze,” and so they try extra hard to put in strong, competent women. This means that the clowns are male, which is not a big deal, but the humor is crude rather than witty.

I suspect the writers really like wire-fu martial arts flicks and Japanese yojimbo flicks. The scenery is nice, and they conclude the episode with the character meaning “way” as in “way of the sword” or “Daoism.”






I suspect that the visual art shown here would be better used in a video game than in an anime, but I guess the first episode isn’t so bad that I need to drop it right away.