Trying to get thin by eating cheap food


I am trying to build muscle by eating protein, while also trying to minimize fat by burning calories.

And like the characters in Ben-To, I am trying to minimize the amount of cash spent on food.

Unlike those characters, I do not have to get into fist fights just to purchase packaged food.

Nuts are extremely nutritious and extremely expensive. I don’t feel guilty about the calories I consumed from nuts this week, but I feel a little too light in the wallet.

Liquid yogurt is a “nutriceutical” because it contains “probiotics.” I got some on sale. I won’t be able to afford to drink it on a regular basis unless I can find it at low prices.

Some breakfast vendors I used to buy from years ago saw me again today and told me I had lost a lot of weight. I guess I’m making progress – I used to be pretty bloated and flabby. Now at least my face looks thinner – and that’s a small victory that’s worth feeling thankful about.