It takes a real man to admit a love for Jewelpet






Remember how Jewelpet Tinkle had “Ready-go”?

Lady Jewelpet has “Lady-go!”

And I will blog about these details, because for years I have loved Jewelpet stories.

The fact that I enjoy a story does not prove that the story is good.

However, in the case of the Jewelpet franchise, a lot of very talented people put in a lot of thought to make sure that they would impress a very wide audience.

It is low art – in fact, it barely qualifies as art, it’s more like well-produced advertising – but it’s slick.


I do worry that the pop-psychology self-esteem will get too thick. I have a tendency of dropping some series that are slick but empty. I dropped Jewelpet Tinkle just two or three episodes before the thrilling conclusion, because it was slick and empty and I had other priorities in my life. Time will tell whether I will make this series a priority.