EK and SuperSlavisWife: Control the Situation and Most Women Will Follow … because first you get the money, then you get the power, then you get the women

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SuperSlavisWife wrote at EK’s blog:

if you want a woman to be open and honest, or to pursue what she claims to want, then you need to make her want you, make her want what she pretends to want. Make being a doting wife irresistible and she’ll pursue it. Make cuckoldry irresistible and she’ll pursue it. A woman with a man she adores won’t cheat. A woman with a man who thinks she adores him when she does not? She will cheat. Hell, even the idea of having to prove her adoration can convince some women they still adore a man until they eventually start to adore him again. Control the situation and most women will follow.


I think there’s a line from a Hollywood “mafia” movie that goes, “First you get the money, then you get the power, then you get the women.” But I hate Hollywood mafia movies because they offend my sense of realism, so I refuse to watch enough movie clips to track down the source.

So, I’ll put a weeaboo spin on it and say, the trick to controlling the situation is to be like a Kinji Fukasaku anti-hero. Note that these anti-heroes often did not get happy endings to their stories.

So, even if most women follow you around, you might have turned yourself into a determinator who can’t benefit from female attention. In that event, you’ll have women throwing themselves at you, but you won’t even bother to take advantage of them.