I disagree with Foamy the Squirrel about dubstep and geek culture

To make a long story short, Foamy the Squirrel is obsessed with sex, and it has shrunken his brain.

The following link is a fairly clean version of Foamy’s boundary-pushing humor:


but exercise caution if you follow the links to the other Foamy humor – some of it would offend a lot of folks. Some of it is so crude that it would offend me if each episode were so mercifully brief.

So, anyway, Foamy’s anti-dubstep rant does not convince me because I think a lot of artists are already doing what he demands – they’re already using the tools of dubstep to make sounds that are not mainstream dubstep.


It’s not the world’s most wonderful music, it’s not going to make J. S. Bach rise from his grave and hold up a butane lighter to demand more, but it’s worth the few minutes it will take to listen.

On the topic of “geek culture,” Foamy seems to feel that people who were unpopular in high school constitute a culture.


I disagree about that. I think lots of people are miserable and socially rejected and geeky, but we don’t form a “culture.” We are all separate from each other. We are not even “alienated masses,” we are isolated “consumers.”

To be a culture requires a lot of cohesion; the modern world atomizes us into individuals. That’s why people voluntarily join extreme religious cults and impose severe restrictions on themselves; they want limits. Similarly, many irreligious people get fanatical about weird diets; they want dietary limits.

If you have enough choices to occupy your mental processing power, you have a state of flow.

If you have more choices that you can mentally process, you don’t really have any of those choices. You’re internally limited by your lack of analytical ability. And thus the modern world makes us feel miserable precisely because we have 500 channels of TV and we don’t know what we want to watch.