Clothing as wealth?

I applaud Medieval Otaku’s latest essay:

There are many things that are true but strange. Just because an idea is strange to me doesn’t prove that it’s wrong.

I don’t necessarily disagree, but the following strikes me as bizarre:

The isolation and selfishness caused by the possession of wealth warps the soul. Satsuki saves her soul’s integrity through the love of her friends, but Ragyo loves no one outside of herself: she might like certain people for their usefulness, but this is a far cry from enjoying people for their uniqueness. Instead, Ragyo revels in her wealth, which becomes her god. “But, wouldn’t the alien Life Fiber be her god?” you ask. Yes, but the aliens are clothing, and clothing is the meter by which we determine a person’s wealth. Padre Pio once claimed that a woman cannot serve God while absorbed by fashion. To serve clothing is synonymous with worshiping wealth.

I don’t know if the critic is reading in meanings that the writers didn’t intend.

It’s definitely worth your time to read the whole thing at: