Feminism is a conspiracy to bring about sufficient drama to destroy modernity

I have feminism figured out. The first piece is a giant, collective conspiracy to destroy modernity.

Modernity is predictable and bland and boring. Women like drama and emotions and rapey bodice-rippers.

Check out the rapey body language in this bodice ripper illustration:

If you saw a guy doing that to a girl in real life, you call the cops. It looks like he’s pinning her down.

But apparently this kind of rape fantasy is very popular with women, so they want to destroy modernity. Thus they keep writing rape fantasies set in pre-modern societies, where the ugly men are peasants and the handsome men are eligible bachelors.

Feminism also has a second part, and that is massive megalomaniacal self-regard.


In the video it can be clearly seen that the man (identified as John McGlone) who stands accused DOES NOT even have his hands anywhere near her breasts, instead it can be clearly seen that the woman (identified as Michaela Morales a junior social work major) intentionally presses her own chest into the man’s forearm and screams “get your hands of my breast NOW” before pushing him off an approximately 6 feet high wall slamming his forehead into a concrete surface.

The feminist in question thinks that she is queen of the world and everyone else is her slave. A slave who doesn’t cringe away in awe and fear deserves to die. Thus she can push her breasts into him and claim that he failed to respect her because he failed to cringe out of the way and avoid contact with her breasts.

There used to be primitive tribes with this kind of exaggerated reverence. Commoners weren’t allowed to LOOK at the king. Feminists act like they deserve that kind of reverence.

Civilized society isn’t going to survive feminism.

Society is going to break down, and the average person is going to act like a Game of Thrones character — i.e. rapey and sociopathic.


The bad news is that very few men are going to thrive in a sociopathic world without modern civility. It will emotional and dramatic and rapey, but it’s not going to be pleasant for the vast majority of people.