Are they finally going to pick up the pace a bit?

Mahouka is taking its sweet time to get the real story going.

They’ve got 26 episodes to work with, but that doesn’t mean that they can rely on the pretty graphics to keep our attention.


I’m not crazy about the level of action.

The hero is ultra-competent, but it seems a little forced. In Jojo everything is over the top, so Jojo’s ultra-competence never breaks immersion.

With Mahouka, the action scenes are like a PG-13 Silver Age superhero cartoon. There’s a little blood, but the hero is confident like Superman condescending to tie up Lex Luthor for the 17th time.

I understand that even hardened killers try to take high-value prisoners alive for interrogation, but in this case, it made the whole thing seem very over-sold and under-delivered – rather like a Silver Age superhero cartoon.


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