Yeah, sure, the bathtub is a great place for you to advise me

I’m surprised that I enjoy this show as much as I do.



One reason this episode worked well is that the mangaka’s sincerity made him a much more admirable character. If he were just a slapstick loser I would want to drop the show, but if he has strong willpower and a weird kind of charisma, he can be an attractive male romantic lead. He’s definitely hopeless as an action hero, of course.



It can get cringeworthy at times. Episode 7 was good at using the cringey moments to build up tension that the humor could release. Earlier episodes didn’t manage to get the humor to work quite as well.

The show doesn’t have time to get very creepy, because the episodes are very short. If this had been a full-length treatment of little girls who want to bathe with possible husband-candidates for their big sisters, it would go far beyond creepy. Since it was short, it wasn’t too bad.

I suppose I’ve watched half the season and I ought to finish it. However, if they crank up the raunch by the end of the season, I will kick myself for failing to drop it after one episode.

One thought on “Yeah, sure, the bathtub is a great place for you to advise me

  1. The moods of the scene in the bathtub went from weird to creepy to inspirational to hilarious. This is perhaps my favorite short now running, next to Tonari no Seki-kun.


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