Honorable Elder Brother, why am I out of the question?


This latest episode actually managed to communicate some real-world wisdom.

This is not a show about deep wisdom. This is a show about pretty visuals.


And sometimes it has a bit of humor:


But the predicament of the non-blood-related sister is relevant to the real world.

This adopted sister is a young woman. (And, wow, her body has more womanly charm than most real-life women could ever hope to attain, even with good genes, constant exercise, and perfect diet.) She is a strong, independent woman – she can beat an ordinary squad of soldiers and then explode a bomb to destroy their reinforcements – but she doesn’t have what she really wants.

She really wants the commitment, love, and sexual attention of a man who is strong enough for her to admire. However, she is not naturally a gentle, feminine woman. She is a trained killer, with extremely decisive habits of action. Also, she doesn’t really trust her “brother.” Her jealousy is so obvious that it just makes her shrewish. When she sees her “brother” eating a meal with another girl in the first episode, she gets downright violent. Most men don’t find that attractive.

And if her “brother” leaves her alone, she can take care of herself.

So, naturally, her “brother” wants to spend time with a sweet, feminine girl who can’t protect herself.

The missing link here is physical demonstrations of affection.

If she really believes her brother is that attractive, why hasn’t the “sister” found an excuse to seduce him? They’ve been alone together for a long time. They haven’t been facing such constant danger that they couldn’t find a few moments to snuggle up. She’s been endlessly hinting that she wants him as a husband. A typical girl would manage to find some way to trip and fall on top of him while he was near a bed. Or else she would find excuse to kiss him outright, saying it would just be symbolic smooch, and turn it into a lengthy make-out session.

Now, it’s true that many women prefer the man to take the initiative. Many women want to feel that the man is so enthusiastic that he can’t restrain himself. And thus many women refuse to initiate physical contact because they feel the man should be enthusiastic and should initiate.

Ladies, if you’re reading this, take a lesson from the unfortunate “sister” of this show. If you want your man, you might have to kiss him first so that he gets the message.

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