The Onion is obviously written by people who have never heard of Switzerland


The Onion will get hated for this, but I can’t see that they’re wrong (maybe I’ll get hated too; oh well!).

ISLA VISTA, CA—In the days following a violent rampage in southern California […], citizens living in the only country where this kind of mass killing routinely occurs reportedly concluded Tuesday that there was no way to prevent the massacre from taking place. “This was a terrible tragedy, but sometimes these things just happen and there’s nothing anyone can do to stop them,” said North Carolina resident Samuel Wipper, echoing sentiments expressed by tens of millions of individuals who reside in a nation where over half of the world’s deadliest mass shootings have occurred in the past 50 years and whose citizens are 20 times more likely to die of gun violence than those of other developed nations.

I don’t hate the guy who linked the Onion, but I think he’s ignorant.

Apparently he’s never heard of Switzerland – the country where every house has a gun and yet somehow people use their guns responsibly.

It’s funny how the Onion didn’t find a way to discuss that.


One comment

  1. Will S. · May 28, 2014

    You might have read not only my post, but also my comment below it, before you posted that I never heard of Switzerland:

    As you can see, I referenced the Swiss situation there; I am well aware of it. I recognize cultural differences. And the fact that what may work in one place, may not work in another, and vice versa.



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