Episode 9: Heavy Plot Dumps, Few Laughs — and by contrast, Knights of Sidonia can do flashbacks with much greater skill


I had not realized how important the frivolous jokes were to this show until they suddenly dumped a whole bunch of plot in one episode.

More foreshadowing would have been nice.

“Destiny” and “prophecies” are usually the mark of a bad plot. Whenever a fantasy story has some over-powered Cosmic Magic, the writer usually holds it in reserve until he has written himself into a corner. And then he says, “Whoosh! Magic!” when he should be saying, “Deus Ex Machina!”

I think there are several TVTropes pages that apply here: one is:


although, if they continue to stay dark, they might get as far as:




Somehow, I doubt that they will get as far as Cerebus Syndrome. We should have an answer to that in a few weeks.

I don’t want to be too negative regarding flashbacks and backstory-dumps, however, because Knights of Sidonia episode 8 does a great job with exactly that!


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