[Spoilers, Soredemo Sekai Wa Utsukushii, Eps 1&2]The season is half over, but let’s start up a new series anyway. This show needs less cornball comedy and more gruesome death.

You know what I hate about princesses named “Mercier”?

“Mercier” means “merchant.” A princess in Europe shouldn’t admit to being related to merchants.

You know what I hate about most princesses in fiction?

Their retainers let them go unescorted, so they can get into trouble. Royalty does not entail the privilege of privacy!


So a giant sailing ship, probably with a hundred able-bodied men, just turns around without resupplying with water or fresh food.

(Theoretically, their country is cash-poor, but they seem to be able to supply a huge sailing ship and feed its crew.)

And they don’t put any armed men ashore. They don’t put any men ashore. They let the princess go alone, wearing a pink minidress.


These people are too stupid to live, but let’s try to wait it out until the end of at least one episode.

As one might hope from a nonsensical pseudo-medieval land, the princess has magical powers, probably related to blasting…
but they require a full stomach, so she’s helpless.

If you are a wizard whose blasting powers require a full stomach, going into a strange country on an empty stomach is like being a rifleman who carries an unloaded rifle and zero rounds of ammo!



….and the two annoyingly self-conscious clownthugs look like they will be recurring characters….

…okay, give it one more episode.



Now that’s what I’m talking about! No gruesome death, but a little bit of realism to balance out the diabetes-inducing sugar of the first episode.

Good! So maybe this will deal with some actual drama and not —


—that song gave me diabetes.

I am torn.

On the one hand, I like the idea that magic is supposed to depend on feelings and experiences, not “mana points” or “spell slots.”

On the other hand, this series seems like it wants to steal audience share from Disney pablum. Life is short. I think I need to drop this.

One thought on “[Spoilers, Soredemo Sekai Wa Utsukushii, Eps 1&2]The season is half over, but let’s start up a new series anyway. This show needs less cornball comedy and more gruesome death.

  1. This series is quite a lot of fun. I do think that it was goofy the way Nike dropped into the country. There are stories of kings gadding about incognito (Alfred the Great, Richard the Lionheart in Ivanhoe, and Czar Peter the Great on his European tour–though the last monarch’s 6′ 8″ height probably drew a lot of attention), but Nike does confess her identity to anyone who asks, which is rather ridiculous.

    Basically, I watch this show because the characters are funny. At one point, Nike does become trapped in a way which excited my anxiety; otherwise, there is not much tension in the plot. You might think of it as a medieval or Renaissance romantic comedy. Not much action, but very funny.


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