Episode 10: lest the fanboys lose interest, throw some bicuriosity into an action show that doesn’t need it


Anime writers really live in a world of their own imaginations.

I have a healthy appreciation for the female human body.

Women are not goddesses. Women do not shine with magnetic auras that induce bicurious behavior at a 3-meter range.

Women sweat, and most of the time, their sweat smells noticeably bad. It’s part of living as a human in a physical body.

I suspect that some of the guys who write anime haven’t had to deal with real, living, breathing women up close for a fairly long time. Maybe the writers know, but the editors tell them that they have to make a semi-predictable fantasy to sustain fanboy interest.

But regardless, I want to see some better story-telling. I want to see some stories that convey some of the stink of being human without completely wallowing in it.

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