Keeping it real with Greek (of Egyptian) isopsephia

There are a lot of fun controversies about the meaning of “Jerusalem” in Christianity, and by “fun” I mean “acrimonious.”

Hebrew scholars will generally dig in their heels and oppose Hellenistic interpretations.

One big controversy is – just how old is isopsephia, and who can give authoritative narratives about it?

The following link is not meant to be authoritative, it’s just a convenient introduction.

Why is this controversy acrimonious?

Well, the conventional teachers of Judaism claim that Judaism is older than important pagan religions, and they claim that Judaism did not borrow elements from pagan religions.

Most isopsephia was pagan.

If a historian could show that pagan Greeks were doing isopsephia before Judaism existed, that would be somewhat embarrassing for certain teachers of Judaism, and possibly some of their congregants would stop coming to weekly services.

So how old is Greek isopsephia? Perhaps as old as Pythagoras, who famously studied in Egypt and the East.

So how old is Egyptian isopsephia?

Older than 1300 BCE. No one really knows how much older.

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