Knights of Sidonia will get a second season


Well, I’m happy about this.

If they hadn’t gotten a second season, I guess that they could have ended rather strongly with the climax of the 12th episode; they could have cut some plot hooks that will only be useful to a second season.


The display of pilots’ faces highlights one serious issue with this series: there aren’t enough strong male characters. There’s one androgynous epicene, and there are lots and lots of pretty girls.

This is a problem with far too many anime shows.

2 thoughts on “Knights of Sidonia will get a second season

  1. I’ve also noticed that most of my favorite characters in recent anime have been female. The best male characters from what I’ve seen this season are Livius of Soredemo Sekai ga Utsukushii and Aito of Mangaka-san to Assistant to–and the latter is not particularly masculine. I almost wrote Murakami of Gokukoku no Brynhildr, but the anime makes him seem more bland than the manga does–probably because the anime itself was poorly made.

    One wonders why a country considered rather misogynistic seems to find it easier to produce likable female characters than male ones.


    • You notice that you have a lot of female characters that you like – that might just indicate that you are the target audience, and the writers know what you like to see.

      I don’t know how to write good characters, but I find anime characters more enjoyable than Hollywood characters.

      And yet I feel I’m not the best target audience for anime.


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