A little bit of wisdom about women

The plot didn’t advance very far, due to the conventions of romance.

A realistic romance about virgins would probably make its audience miserable, because it would be about hopeless frustration, degradation, and despair of cynicism – somewhat like Welcome to the N H K .





They left a lot of room for future plot development. But the actual love story will never be told. This story is like a pre-love story.

Then again, a lot of realistic stories of romances would not involve any deep or passionate love. A few modern writers have depicted joyless, self-hating surrender to self-destructive lust; few can make that kind of story realistic and readable.

Even if we had realistic stories of self-destruction, they probably wouldn’t help us much.

Modern society is going to change more than a little bit in the years to come. Romance is going to have to change.

Perhaps our modern fantasies will inspire some of those changes, or perhaps they will lag behind. I’m interested enough to watch it happen, but not interested enough to try my hand at writing.

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