Deists Are Not Necessarily Epicureans!

makes a shocking claim:

In my religion blog I talked about the functionality of different belief systems, and how most affluent people are functionally Epicureans. We are told the founders, particularly Jefferson, were deists, but that’s just a nicer way of saying Epicurean.

Epicureanism is a pretty radical philosophy because it changes the focus of life, of purpose of life, from duty to family, community, nation, and the gods to the cultivation of the self. The gravity of this can’t be underestimated. Almost all human beings, now and to the beginning of time, have lived for their families and the greater extensions of their families. Living for oneself has been and is impossible for most, and a frankly ridiculous idea for all but a few.

And that links to:

I am shocked. I don’t think Jefferson was an Epicurean. Jefferson was a Christ-admirer who didn’t think Christ was divine. That’s a long way from Epicurus.


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