Sometimes imagination runs amok and breaks the fourth wall



Space Dandy is frequently characterized by imagination run amok.

Some of the episodes make me imagine a negotiation between the writer and the producers. The writer keeps pushing for weird, unacceptable, shocking stuff, and the producers keep telling him to tone it down.

Thus, for example, a foxy lady ends up playing with a microphone with … something unidentifiable … splattered on her face and skin.

Because of the nature of this show, they will never have to explain that as being reasonable within the fictional universe. So it pretty much breaks the fourth wall.

Breaking the fourth wall is fine and sometimes it’s entertaining, but it definitely detracts from the depth of the fantasy. The foxy lady is very titillating, but she’s just porn. The tsun-tsun redhead kickboxing lady, by contrast, has a chance to be a deep character and to draw the audience into the story.

A deep story can let the audience really forget the normal frame of mind. A fourth-wall-breaking story is almost always shallow.

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