What if her flag were jejune?



This story might actually make sense to the writer.

Perhaps there were important questions that the writer wanted to be answered.

I get the sense that the writer was satisfied with how everything turned out.

There is a slight problem.

I don’t know what the major questions were supposed to be.

I think I understand the family relationships involved – I think I know which characters are real siblings by blood – but it’s not clear to me what the big bad guy was. A lot of the story happened in a computer simulation – and it’s not clear to me how actions in that sim affected the main world of the narrative.

I don’t actually care. I knew, going into the story, that it was going to be an excuse to show off lots of cute girls.

The show displayed lots of cute girls. That was its major purpose. Any plot that might or might not have happened was incidental to that.

There is a lesson that I should learn from this. My life is short, and I need to spend it on things more important than this type of show.

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