Better than anime … photographs of wildlife


I am not entirely thrilled by some of this new season’s anime.

Consider the noble wolf leaping in the above illustration.

It is a shocking, unique sight.

It is a well-selected piece of reality, and I have never seen its like before.

By contrast, the following images depict some stereotypes that you’ve probably seen a thousand times before:



The images are from yet another harem anime.

It looks to be well done.

It looks like an excellent example of its genre.

And yet, I have a limited number of minutes in my life, and I don’t know if I will be able to justify spending them on yet another harem anime.

I love art. I love humor. I don’t love stereotypical kitsch art. Sometimes self-respect requires me to break comfortable habits, like watching mediocre anime, and confront the terrifying potential of my life and my actions.

My actions are nothing out of the ordinary. That is what makes them terrifying.

Anime characters are always larger-than-life, or prettier-than-life, or otherwise out of the ordinary. That is what makes them comfortable.

My anime habit is like a heroin habit. I won’t go cold turkey, but I think I need to cut down this season.


3 thoughts on “Better than anime … photographs of wildlife”

  1. I myself am watching eleven shows this season, barring certain shows proving inferior after episode one and Captain Earth having a good first season finale. (I still haven’t finished that one.)

    Might I recommend Viking sagas, fantasy novels, or classics to fill the place of anime? It’s certainly true that anime can become unspeakably dull if one watches too much of it.

    Great wildlife picture, by the way!


  2. Frankly, I think I might be sticking to just one or two shows. Both not covered by Random Curiosity or anything. Rail Wars! is promising to be interesting, while Sagebe….Survival Game Club (because too lazy to look up Japanese title) is gonna be ending up as Nichijou for me this season.

    Aldnoah and Argevelon kinda fell flat in the face for me.


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