If I had the time to read Norse sagas, I would warm up with Eddison


One of the forgotten giants of modern fantasy is E. R. Eddison.

He wrote a story, linked above, largely inspired by Norse sagas.

If you’re in the mood to read Norse sagas, you can prepare by reading Eddison’s story, The Worm Ourobouros.


One comment

  1. medievalotaku · July 18, 2014

    I had heard of this novel. That sounds like a good suggestion; however, the Viking heroes are probably more awesome (swimming a freezing fjord to get help from some people celebrating only to be mistaken for a troll because of the icicles covering his beard and clothes, prophets who can tell the future verbatim, dissuading a would-be assassin by vomiting on him, etc.), and sagas have amusingly random moments. One of my favorites is when a person is beheaded while counting out wergild, and some bystanders claim that they heard the head say “eleven” as it flew through the air. Another when a witch and lover of a certain warlord transforms into a deadly swan over the battlefield only to have her lover accidentally cut her down as she swoops too low, which is described as “the worst break up in history.” No well else writes stories like that!

    But, I must find time for the Worm Ourobouros.


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