Is emotional provocation a gray area in the Non-Aggression Principle? What about ethnomasochism?

Web Page 1:

you must decide on which side of the fence you stand. There is no more ambiguity. No more gray area.
Either you embrace aggressive violence – or reject it.

There is no in-between. There can be no in-between.

Web Page 2:

A 23-year-old woman has told police she lied about her father raping her when she was 11 – accusations that put him behind bars for nine years. …
She added that she was bitter following her parents’ divorce in 1991, and that she made up the rape story as her father had disappointing her….

Web Page 3:

There are a lot of variations on the sliding scale from xenophobia to xenophilia, many of which are reasonable, and arguable. But other positions are a little bit insane. One of the more insane positions is ethnomasochism, where one is not just a masochist on the personal level, but is masochistic on behalf of his entire ethnic group.

On web page 2, we see that the father acted in various ways, including divorcing the mom, and the daughter felt disappointed. I suppose most people would say that a feeling a disappointment is not a physical trauma and thus can never justify violence. I don’t know. Is there any emotional trauma intense enough to justify murder in hot blood? In cold blood? It looks like a gray area to me.

On web page 3, we see an even bigger gray area in non-aggression. Different races have different standards of aggression. What seems aggressive to me might not seem aggressive to you.


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