Tokyo ESP lifts storylines from Marvel mutants … and I don’t like Marvel much


Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: a small minority of humans have super-powers, and the government passed a law restricting their rights, so they have legitimate minority grievances, and thus a leader has arisen that promises to use an army of super-villains to smash the government … but plucky, stout-hearted humans and super-heroes will resist, with the power of friendship…

…did you fall asleep?

Yeah, this show fell out of the cliche tree and hit every branch on the way down. This is a storyline that was old before the X-Men were invented. In fact, it probably pre-dates Slan

Incidentally, this resembles Marvel junk, so I assume that the producers are imitating the horrible Marvel movies that have been popular lately. DC is bad enough, but Marvel is about as bad as comics can get.

As with the harem show I screenshot recently, I don’t think this is bad. It will probably be less gay than Shin Sekai Yuri – whoops I mean Yori. I’ve just seen mutant rebellions before, several million times.

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