Full of love triangles, signifying nothing



Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy ga Machigatteiru reminds me a lot of Hyouka, but with extra mediocrity. The plot accomplishes less, the characters are more cliched, the graphics are less impressive.


And Hyouka came out a year earlier, so I have a pretty fixed opinion that Hyouka was the more original entry. However, all of these tropes were fairly worn-out before Hyouka emerged.



We’ve got a love triangle between the stereotype slacker hero, the stereotype aggressive redhead, and the stereotype shy brunette ojou-sama.


I will admit that some of the dialogue is rather witty, but a lot of the gags are just mediocre filler.

Just to throw in some forced variety, the hero has a slight crush on a pretty boy.


Apparently a second season has been approved. I don’t know if it’s worth watching. On the one hand, the love triangle might get resolved. On the other hand, they will take their sweet time, and there will unquestionably be a subplot about the poor little rich girl slowly maturing into a well-balanced young adult. The slow stretches will be livened up by the rotten-girl making puns about gay males.






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