Young men are getting fed up with pedestalizing modern women


Really, why would we be so fascinated with fantasy women if real women were tolerable? If I were a good writer, I would write stories to deconstruct the pedestalization of women, just like Welcome to the NHK deconstructed anime fandom.

On a tangentially-related anime theme, consider the phenomenon of pedestalization.

I suspect the yuri themes of a lot of anime isn’t just pornification, it’s also pedestalization of women. It’s the animator saying, “Look, these girls are SO PERFECT that they’re too good for males.”

That’s rubbish. However, it’s easily pornified, so it sells.



We need stories with interesting male characters. More than that, we have to stop putting female images on pedestals.

Modern women believe that they are too good for potential husbands, too good to waste their youth on child-bearing, etc.

One anarcha-feminist believes the problem is “false consciousness”:

If modern women believe that they’re too good to make babies, pretty soon there will be no one left but anti-modern women. I would like to believe that anime is a really subversive artform that will defeat feminism and turn women back to child-bearing, but seriously that’s wishful thinking.

There are plenty of girls who love anime. They aren’t making babies. They’re making pro-gay doujinshi.


Perhaps this is a problem that started with long-running comic books. Comic stories frequently try to maximize profits by running forever. That means that the stories are endless episodes of unrealistic adventure – the heroes are always young enough to swashbuckle, babies never make the parents too tired for adventure. Making babies is very realistic; new parents are too sleep-deprived for adventure. And after you’ve made a few babies, your body shows you that it’s not young any more.

Being a parent usually requires sacrificing your youth and personal freedom. Comic book heroes are typically very young and very free.

There used to be a few good stories that revolved around marriage, but I think people stopped writing those some time in the 20th century. I don’t know that anyone ever wrote a good story about raising children – Frank and Lillian Gilbreth are contenders, but they were writing autobiography, not fiction. Shirley Jackson managed to create babies and fiction stories, but she died young.

One thought on “Young men are getting fed up with pedestalizing modern women

  1. I found this to be especially true in all those magical girl animes. first off, no primary male characters. but perhaps more importantly, all the (default female) characters are basically generic and likable. no one really interesting, no one who stands out, and certainly no one who isn’t female. if a male even shows up, he’s a placeholder or totally stock. he could easily be replaced by another girl, or is otherwise expendable.

    personally, I’m not sure if I can even blame men for having their fantasies. a fantasy can be a wonderful, inspiring thing. perhaps the problem is that the fantasy has now become commonplace, and mundane. it’s been adopted by everyone, so it’s not really a fantasy anymore.


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