Fan Service Tail



So Fairy Tail has been dominated by fan service for several years. I think the first several dozen episodes really had less fan service. I am rather sad that it is so predictable.

In the opening sequence, for example, they just have to put in a particular magical ritual that requires two buxom ladies to touch their boobs together.



Apparently that’s just the nature of that particular magic, they just have to touch boobs.


Obviously, fake lipstick lesbians sell better than male gays of any description, but I’m getting kind of tired of the pornification of my escapist action adventure stories.


But the executioner’s threat just takes it beyond the bounds of good taste.

One thought on “Fan Service Tail

  1. tried to watch fairy tail, couldn’t make it past one episode.

    fanservice, to me, is nothing but filler. a terrible show cannot make me stick around no matter how much low grade cheesecake they put on display.

    either show full penetration, or actually focus on a good story and characters. or both, but definitely NOT neither.


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