Atelier is very polished, but less than the sum of its parts



I don’t want to criticize this show too much. I feel it delivered the kind of show I would try to write, if I were a writer.

However, the ending definitely disappointed me. They had a lot of good pieces, they had a lot of decent characters, and while they did solve a mystery and resolve a conflict, the mystery felt underwhelming and the conflict felt strained, somehow.

The show was probably a video-game spin-off of some kind, and that put the writers under various constraints.

I get the sense that these writers were very, very good, because most people couldn’t have satisfied all the constraints of the problem at all.

In the end, however, this was a show that I hoped would have some grand, inspiring ideas, and it really didn’t.

Looking for grand, inspiring ideas in a 24-minute toy commercial spun off from a series of video games is probably not very realistic, I know.

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