Flee the bossy unmarried woman, and the bossy wife; they are not worthy to be dragon ladies

Asian women mostly love the “dragon lady” stereotype.


But frankly a lot of modern Asian women don’t have what it take to be a dragon lady.

Being insensitive to the feelings of others doesn’t make you a dragon lady. Typically it just makes you selfish.

Modern Asian women have learned a lot of horrible attitudes from Western feminism. And for a few long decades, we’re going to be stuck with Asian feminists. Currently they are mostly unmarried, and I suppose they are not going to get married any time soon.

The solution is to flee.


Yep, I might have to leave the civilized parts if these women get any more bossy.

I hear Mount Everest is nice and breezy this time of year, and it doesn’t have a whole lot of feminists.

Now, some people might claim I’m contradicting myself by linking to a website that features McElroy and Fitts.

(In case you don’t know Fitts, she’s the publisher of)


But appreciation of these sages – who happen to be female – does not contradict my flight from bossy ladies – because women who write their arguments in cold, logical prose can be Platonic lovers. I can love their souls by loving their texts. And it is all a million miles away from physical contact and human emotion.


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