Mangan is an idiot when he writes stuff like ” All play and no work makes Jack a depressed boy.” For some people play is work – it’s the work they want to be doing

I am not an artist.

I will probably never be an artist, because I will probably spend the rest of my life scraping along from unemployment to short-term minimum wage job back to unemployment again.

While I am unemployed, I do not have the freedom to develop my art.

I send out resumes, I go to interviews, I “network” for the next job. In my spare time I hone my frugality skills.

This is no way to live.

If I had a guaranteed income and I didn’t have to worry about food and rent, I would have no EXCUSE not to develop my art. Maybe I would slack off. Maybe I would watch anime 16 hours a day and blog 2 hours a day. But maybe I would finally get a chance to do fulfilling work.

Mangan is very smart guy, but he wrote a very stupid post at:

Mangan apparently believes that everyone who works is working at a job that they can respect, even when they hate it.

That is not true.

Some jobs just suck so badly, that all the workers hate the job, and they are all glad when the job is over, even if it means they won’t eat.

Mangan wrote:

it would be very helpful if people developed interests and purpose outside their work, but most won’t,

Screw that. The people who desperately want a chance to develop purpose outside their slave jobs will always hate people who talk like that.

Damn it – I would like to log into his site and tell him to rot in Hell, but in fact I have stuff I have to get done on a tight schedule today. I’m probably going to die of a heart attack before I’m 50, and the cause is not going to be excessive leisure.


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