I think they imply that a woman who says she wants an incel, might be in it for attention, validation, and exploitation of the guy’s weaknesses, like low power in a relationship.

Emma still wants more help with incels.


My advice to incels is to embrace every opportunity to relax, to play lots of video games, etc., and to get a dog.

Then, if the incel guys are walking their dogs, everyone will subconsciously see us as lovable.

I guess I should post a comment on Emma’s blog.

Meanwhile Rex say MGTOW is freedom.


and Vulture says that he’s starting his of Legion of Doom, with hookers and blackjack:


but apparently I was caught in his spam filter, so I’m not allowed to join.



One comment

  1. patriarchal landmine · August 7, 2014

    at one point or another, every man alive is an incel. the only solution is to break away from the old definitions.


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