13 year olds are not ready to get beheaded for besmirching tribal honor

Females have always been caught between a Scylla of having sex too soon and a Charybdis of waiting too long …

….but Emma is making things more complicated than they need to be.

A teenager might not be ready for sex, but they understand sex. Especially in a country with sex education in schools and homes. They understand it enough to say no if they don’t find the idea of sex appealing. They might be affected by peer pressure, and they might end up doing things they wish they haven’t, but they aren’t ignorant children.

Also, it’s needless to say that an age of consent law would do nothing to save your teenaged kids from peer pressure-induced fucking. It would be interesting to know what we should do to be fair to both types of teenagers – those that are horny, and those that are not yet ready.

Do you want to keep teenagers from having unauthorized sex?

There’s a proven technology for that.


I don’t know at what point a teenage pregnancy stops being a high risk to mother and child and starts being a low-risk reproduction strategy.

Clearly, some teenage girls who get pregnant miscarry, or give birth to premature children, or need Caesarian sections, or whatever. There’s no need for those girls to get pregnant until they are strong enough to bear children without advanced medical aid.

Therefore there is no benefit to the tribe if those girls have sex too early. (The girls might claim sex is empowering, or fun, or feminist, or whatever. Various girls of Western Civilization have been claiming such things incessantly since 1969, and as a result, there is very little Western Civilization left – soon it will be gone entirely.)

If you don’t care whether your tribe survives, it doesn’t matter what kind of sex people have or when they have it. You can optimize your culture for whatever you choose. You might even be able to convert outsiders to your culture after most of your middle-aged folks are diseased, childless, and unable to continue your tribe.

If you want your tribe to survive more than 20 years, however, Jim has a simple rule for you: the woman is under her father’s protection until marriage, at which point she is under her husband’s protection.

Female emancipation enables women to indulge in the false life plan, and they are also falsely told that it is a good idea. Probably around age twelve in school.

To have eugenic population growth: Abolish welfare and put female sexuality and reproduction under parental control, until they get married whereupon their sexuality and reproduction comes under their husband’s control.

Parents will delay their daughters reproduction until their daughters get married. Parents will only allow males able and willing to support a wife and children to court their daughters, and only allow them to court their daughters for marriage, not sex.

Wealthy people will marry young, poor people will marry late.

In order to reproduce successfully, reproduce biologically and culturally, men and women have to behave in different and complementary ways.

For the family unit to function, it has to have a single head, and that head has to be the man, because women will not endure sex if they are the head. And it has to be legally and socially binding.


It’s barbaric! If we have patriarchy, pretty soon we won’t have as much fun! We’ll lose the joys of modernity!

Look at this pretty girl:

She’s only willing to dress up prettily in public because she’s free from patriarchal oppression!

If we return to patriarchy, there will be no more public displays of beauty! There will only be shouting and intimidation and severed heads – and maybe a few places, like Afghanistan, will have dancing boys!

You know what?

It doesn’t matter that patriarchy is horrific, ugly, barbaric. It only matters that patriarchy works.

Westerners probably won’t return to patriarchy. The West will probably die, and the neoreactionary dreamers like Moldbug and Jim Donald will probably get their heads cut off by Arabs. (If they’re well-armed, they might take down a few Arabs before they run out of ammo – see the opening scene of “The Wind and the Lion.”)

It’s not clear to me that the Muslims will be sincere enough to practice Islam, but they might have a very successful push to impose it at sword point. In cases where Muslims become wealthy, of course, they are gravely tempted by the fleshpots of materialism.

And even if the Muslims manage to avoid the Scylla of sensuality, there is still the Charybdis of ascetic, intellectual egotism.

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