Life is too short to start cringeworthy anime: Cross Ange and Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Oujo

I had some hopes for Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Oujo. It looked decent. But the main character’s personality flaw is just too cringeworthy. She tries to cover up raging insecurity by grotesque lies, and then she feels embarrassed. Now, a compulsive liar isn’t disqualified as a protagonist, and many good heroines have been habitual liars, but a compulsive liar who feels embarrassed by lying is just too painful to watch.



I have to admit, this is a realistic young female character. She’s not a reflected image for the male gaze. Young girls really do have problems somewhat like hers.

So after about five minutes I couldn’t take it any more and I tried Cross Ange. It opens up with a nostalgic scene of a long-lost childhood in a medieval setting – a little girl riding horses with her Mom and Dad, surrounded by kind medieval servants. After a couple of seconds of nostalgia, it switches to a very grown-up young woman in a thong and riding chaps, flying a motorcycle through a blue sky. Then the dragons show up.

This show has too much of almost everything. Too much skin, too many robot-jet-fighters, too many weapons (a cannon, a super-axe, missiles…), too many dragons.


This character is not a young woman. She’s not even a well-written male character with a gender flip to pull in a male audience. This character really IS a hollow image for the projection of male fantasies. This character is as bad as the feminists say all sci-fi is.

This doesn’t feel like a real show. This feels like a focus group on how to capture a 17-year-old male’s attention. It’s like a cheap meat-lover’s pizza: it’s got chicken, beef, ham, pepperoni, sausage, and bacon, but it all just tastes like excessive salt because the meats were salted for a long shelf life. You’re better off getting a pizza with less meat but fresher ingredients.

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