Putting the “CLAMP” in “CLAMPire”

Blood C: The Last Dark is not really a show about the most powerful character, who OUGHT to be the protagonist.

Blood C: The Last Dark is actually about a cute redhead who seems suspiciously affectionate toward the most powerful character.


There are also little bits of CLAMP continuity sprinkled around, which are not strictly necessary, but why would you bother allowing CLAMP to write your story if you didn’t want that kind of thing. Example is shown below:


Honestly, this is a pretty slow-moving story. The TV series was not terribly well-plotted or well-paced; it relied on the audience caring about the characters, and it worked well enough to get me to watch it all the way through, 24 minutes at a time.

But the movie is SLOOOOOW, and I have to pause it every 24 minutes just to break it down into a more viewable pace. I can’t say that I really care about the characters. Saya is a lot less cute than she was for most of the TV show. In the TV show she was an ingenue. In the movie she’s a Lady of War. I would be willing to watch a two-hour movie about Saya getting into fights and chases with bad guys, but two hours of Saya being masculine and stoic while a redhead acts like a girl is kind of silly.


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