High production values and witty jokes don’t cut it any more

I resolved to stop wasting my life on harem shows.

I’m going to add to that, I intend to stop wasting my time on contrived re-workings of formerly popular shows.

“The Rolling Girls” looks like an attempt to cash in on “Kill La Kill,” but with slightly prettier visuals.


The woman shown above is supposed to be in the middle of a duel. The show undercuts any possible drama with excessive cutesiness.

More sexy, but still not persuasive, is “Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata.” It’s very witty, and it deconstructs itself in the “zero” episode.



Hanging a lampshade on the anime tropes is very humorous. I’m sure it’s going to be an excellent show.



It’s going to have six harem episodes and then the real romantic heroine is going to get the boy. Good for her. I’m not going to watch her do it.

3 thoughts on “High production values and witty jokes don’t cut it any more

  1. What about the first season of UBW anime? Does still ‘cut it’? Of course there is no suspense, for obvious reasons.


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