Unlimited Bait Works



I have seen a little bit of Fate/Stay/Night.

I don’t see why so many guy think Saber is so incredibly attractive.

She’s a gender-flipped King Arthur. Okay, I understand that men who aspire to honor desire honorable girlfriends, but a gender-flipped King Arthur seems to be extreme.

It’s not surprising that King Arthur still has potential for fiction. Obviously, myths endure because people need them. King Arthur will keep attracting audiences, even if he has to be a nubile blonde girl to do so.

It’s bizarre, but not surprising, to observe that our expectations of “honor” and the like still refer back to mytho-poetic fictions. Arthur is exciting and interesting – but why is he still seen as a inspiring monarch, upholding honor?

Not every myth resonates with every audience, and in my case, the myth of Arthur doesn’t motivate me.

Even if I were obsessed with Arthurian honor, putting a demi-goddess into an attractive blonde female body presents certain difficulties. If you never copulate with her, then her female nature is just a distraction. If you do copulate with her, she becomes Belldandy or some equivalent magical girlfriend.




3 thoughts on “Unlimited Bait Works”

    1. The problem isn’t with the protagonists, as such.

      I watched one of those shows – I think it was Fate Stay/Night.

      The protagonist was a little boy who summoned Alexander the Great. There was a renegade priest, an assassin, and a very pale woman who was apparently a creation of pure magical energy or something.

      The plot was all right, the protagonist was acceptable, but it felt like the major demigod characters failed to inspire me.

      Also, I haven’t even started UBW. I’m working on my backlog.


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